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Darkstalkers Resurrection – Launch Trailer


Darkstalkers Resurrection - Launch Trailer


  1. too bad the "PS4 port" is just a Playstation Now thing. Could've worked better as an actual title on the system. Oh well. Here's to hoping we get a new actual title sometime soon

  2. If they were to bring out a Darkstalkers 4…they should combine Street Fighter 4 & Killer Instinct 3 to bring it out.

  3. Who cares if not enough fans downloaded Darkstalkers Resurrection, Capcom! Freakin' go ahead and make Darkstalkers 4! I'm dying to play another installment of Darkstalkers

  4. It's not something we know yet! At least not for now! Capcom's Yoshinori Ono said this:

    "“Asking you guys to just wait a little longer is where we truly stand right now,” Ono admitted. “Darkstalkers Resurrection was just updated other day, too, and we’re really feeling your passion. Our activities to finally show the world a new Darkstalkers are still going on, so It’d bring me great joy to have your continued support.”

    No confirmation for a new game, but there's still a chance.


  5. MK worked because it was trying to be as fun and as campy as the old kung fu movies it was inspired by.
    And I think you are the only one who has ever said the Tekken movie almost worked.
    I am sure someone who is passionate enough and has the vision could make anything work. But you are not going to get them or the people you are listing to ever work on a video game movie. It’s going to take a while longer before we get our Batman and Superman for video game movies.

  6. look at Mortal Kombat 95.still remains the best live action adaptation of a video game ever.and its based off a fighting game. it didnt have the gory fatalities but it still had that same creepy atmosphere of MK.Tekken 2010 almost came close to being good all the script needed was fan editing. i'm sure SF would make a good live action just have robert rodriguez,zack snyder or the director of shaolin soccer/kung fu hustle handle the project and they can base the story from the UDON comics

  7. Okay but you are forgetting one thing. Fighting games don't translate well when being converted to the silver screen. None of what you said would work because it would either stray too far from the source material that it wouldn’t even resemble it and all you fans would hate it. Or you would have someone approach it like how Joel Schumacher approached Batman and treat it like a total joke.
    I don’t know if you noticed but no serious director has ever touched a movie based off a video game.

  8. first of all they shouldnt include all the characters.they can just put demitri,morrigan,donovan,anita and build a story around it thus avoiding the film from being a cluster fuck.they can have talbain/felicia in the sequel. it needs to be dark and creepy just like the DS OVA.plus the directors i've mentioned specialize in the dark and creepy.FYI morrigan is a succubus not a vampire,she doesnt want blood she wants your soul.

  9. oh dear god no… they can't even make something as easy as Resident Evil work what makes you think they could pull off a action/fighting movie with a busty vampire with wings coming out of her head?

  10. I don't know why you would think that would have ever worked. Even when fans show that a project has support Capcom will snub it.

  11. really who's up for a live action dark stalkers movie? my choices for a director would be sam raimi,guillermo del toro or even henry selick

  12. Is this playable on the PS Vita? If not it should be playable on the PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and WiiU. We need a lot more Darkstalkers games on current gen consoles including the PS3, PS Vita, WiiU and 3DS.

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