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Does the Mayflash PS2 to PS3 Memory Card Converter work?


I bought one for 3 dollars off ebay.It wont show up on my PS3 whenever I connect it in to the PS3 usb slot with the PS1 memory card inserted. It’s dirt cheap, but came in nice factory sealed hard plastic,etc. Looks nice and a lot of seelerson ebay have em and seem to have good feedback ratings. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was scammed, but it’s cheapso whatever. can someone helpme? I want to convert Megaman Legends 1 and 2 save data to my PS3, damnit! >_<

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  1. you need a ps2 compatible ps3 to use the ps2 card adapter , and there is no way to convert a save to a ps3 save , if you have the game for ps2 and a ps2 compatible ps3 then you can only copy saves to a created ps2 memory card on the ps3 and use it , not convert it.

    you cannot copy ps1 saves to the ps3 , only ps2 saves and only if you have the 60 gig or the 20 gig , the 80 gig ps2 compatible model used emulation and did not support the ps2 card adapter

    the reason you can’t get it to work is because it only works for ps2 saves and only on the older ps3 consoles , ps1 saves are not usable on the ps3 because of the way the ps3 creates the virtual memory card and the format used to save ps1 games , even ps1 saves from a psp , using the exact same downloaded ps1 classic are different format and not usable on the ps3

    some research beforehand would have gotten you this info but at least you only spent $3 so it’s not that big a deal , you have spent more on lunch probably

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