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Good RPG’s for Xbox?


Hey guys, I’m looking for a good role playing game for the xbox to rent out, but i fear i’ve already played the best of them. 🙁

Can anyone give me a list of some good rpg’s that you may have played in the past?

I’ve already played:


Fallout 3 / New vegas


Assassin’s Creed etc

Final Fantasy XIII

And so on.

I thought about Metro2033, but it revolves around guns and shooting too much. like CoD.

I appreciate any suggests. ^_^

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  1. I would definitely Suggest Mass Effect 1/2 and Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. Those series are next to none in their genres. If you value your sanity don’t get Fable 3, it is a horrible game. It’s motion blur actually made me a little sick. Fable 2 is actually a pretty good game though.

    One of my Favorite reviewers even made a list of reasons in a video of why it’s bad. You can see it here.

    [url is not allowed]

    Another game I would suggest is Dungeon Siege 3, It’s like a flash back to the good ol’ days of Dark Alliance and Baldur’s gate. You can even play through it with friends. (4 player Co-op is pretty sweet.)

    I hope I’ve helped you find some awesome games that fit your RPG play style!


    Note: This is all my opinion. No need to flame.

  2. Mass Effect 2 is a better game in near every way. From the very first scene, you will be hooked. And the farther you dive into this epic action role-playing game, the better it gets. It fulfills the promise of its predecessor while continuing to push the boundaries of what we should expect in a videogame.

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