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Halo Combat Evolved Banshee Cheat HD and 3D


Halo Combat Evolved Banshee Cheat HD and 3D


  1. i modded all the flood spores and turned them into fully mutated flood with mods. it increased the amount of enemies on the library by a factor of 10. then i increased the shotgun fire speed.

  2. pc Is better because you can play as a flood or a grunt (e.c.t) and its a cheat for the pc but xbox don't have cheats so you cant do it on xbox:(

  3. @KE01983 Once that's done, go to the cliff by the rocks that hide the Invisibility Power-up. There is a giant boulder up against the cliff leading up to to the shelf overlooking the massive cave entrance. Back ur tank up to the cliff with the side right up to the boulder. If u back up far enough u should be able to climb it and the boulder up to the shelf. Look for a high spot with a good view of the tipped over Banshee and u should b able to knock it off from there. I did it in one go that way

  4. I never knew about this until they mentioned it in the anniversary edition video, lol. Apparently u don't need to knock it down from right there(I tried for over an hour to make it work that way). All u have to do from there is knock it over and to the side of the platform which keeps the Elite from using it. Then mop up any ground troops after the Checkpoint.

  5. this is pretty cool, but its real difficult to get it right.
    i have been trying to do this for about 10 mins now, and still no success!

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