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help please getting xbox 360?


ok my uncle gave my brother an xbox 360 although i asked for it ages ago so now my bro has my 360 he has a busted sony ps3 so ive asked him for that and he said no chance i asked mom and dad to get me an xbox360 and they said they dont have the cash to get 1i have no games at all i have the cash in my bank but i cant touch it without dads concent as he opened my account a few years ago im 15 and i will do anything to get one ive thought about holding up a corner shop any help? p.s parents wont let me get a job

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  1. Dude! Save your lunch $! When I go to 8th Grade I will be saving my lunch $ for an HD TV and by the end of 8th grade I will have $300! And my parents are nice so they will let me sell my wii and pay extra $200 for a 360 pro 🙂 and I’m getting Prototype. I cant wait till June 15th!

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