Home Xbox Forum How Do I convince my parents to let me get Xbox Live?

How Do I convince my parents to let me get Xbox Live?


Yeah, so I Have average grades and stuff so how do I?

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  1. Thankfully when I got xboxlive my mom did not care but you should have did what I did use some christmass or birthday money to go on amazon and buy you an account. The good thing about that is that they send you the code on the internet you never even have to leave the house. You could tell theam that there are parental controls on there so they can set up you can and can not talk to and weather or not you can use a headset and they can even automatically set your xbox up so that you get a specific amount of hours per week or per day and you can spend those hours however you want to and when those hours are up your xbox wont let you play. show your parents this link [url is not allowed]

  2. Ask for some job like moving lawns or washing cars or cleaning house. Help them in office or kitchen work. Promise your parents that you’ll study hard and get better grades. And ask them to get Xbox Live 1600 Points (around $20 bucks) in return.

    [url is not allowed].

    Making parents proud is one the best things in world 🙂

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