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Just Cause 2 Or Infamous 2?


Hey Guys!

I’m Going To Get A New Game Today And I Have 2 Things I Want To Get.

I Either Want To Get Infamous 2 Or Just Cause 2.

So Just Tell Me Below Which One Is Better And Why Its Better.

Also If There Is Any other Game That You Think I Would Like ( Or Just A Good Game In General ) Please Tell me Below Also!

Thanks Guys!

By The Way , I Am On PS3.

P.S: Excuse My Capitalization Please. Its My OCD.

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  1. I recommend Infamous 2. I have it and it is really fun and interesting. You can be evil or good depending on what you want. You can switch anytime too. I really enjoy it and you might to if you get it.

  2. I would go with Infamous 2 because it way more fun to play, the story is better, the graphics are better, and it’s really good.

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