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Ori And The Blind Forest – Gameplay Part 1 – Beautiful (Let’s Play)


Ori And The Blind Forest - Gameplay Part 1 - Beautiful (Let's Play)


  1. just got this game for free but im plaing the defentitive eiditon or whatever…not sure what the difference is

  2. Graphics are awesome but the game is so damn slow and it just seems like it get boring very quick. Maybe that's why it's only $20

  3. Awe! When He Died I Died To! 🙁 I Loved Your Video It Was Very Intresting I Was Just Scrolling on Youtube And My Recommended Showed Up And Thats How I Found Your Video 😀 and Im Happy I Did <3 I Hope This Series Continues +Pyropuncher

  4. sweet lord this is beautiful. rushing to the local store tomorrow the get it. i haven't been so anxious since i first got laid.

  5. The visuals in this game are breathtakingly beautiful, like a Ghibli film, Spirited Away, my neighbor Totoro, etc. Amazing game, downloading it right now.

  6. I'm playin this on my laptop but it runs pretty slow? I have a NVIDIA Geforce GT 630M 2GB & Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000 They both running. What do yall have?

  7. I have nothing against your voice, and you made some nice commentaries, but there is no need for those jokes. This is meant to be an emotional game.

  8. I got to know this game through its music. I played them on Piano. Watching the scene with music is even better

  9. For those of you who don't like his voice, why don't you stop watching them instead of complaining and trying to bring him down, pyropuncher keep up the good work.

  10. Okay, so apparently his "ugly voice" is the subject that everyone's talking about. Can you guys talk about something else? Like how BEAUTIFUL the game looks? Sometimes people say things wrong, and I'll admit, +Pyropuncher made a lot of mistakes and probably has ADHD. But just because of that, you shouldn't make fun of it 😛
    What's up with this fucken generation —.—

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