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Playstation3:can anyone tell me what the PS3 includes;features? AND if i can use my old PS2 games on it?


I want to buy the ps3,and i understand it comes with the 160GM and wireless controller,also good for streaming netflix.($250.00)Can anyone tell me more about thePLAYSTAION3 and if i can use it for PS2 games and music C.Ds

thank you.

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  1. There are actually quite a few features of the PS3:

    HD & 3D Ready

    Blu-ray Player — compatible with CDs and DVDs

    FREE PSN & HOME (a virtual 3D community)

    Media Entertainment System — store pictures, videos, and music and stream from PC using media server software

    Wired or Wireless Internet Connection


    USB ports

    Themes — can download and use custom themes

    As for PS2 games, only certain older Fat models with 4 USB ports — specifically 20, 60, and 80 GB models — can play PS2 game discs. However, Sony has been releasing select PS2 games in the PS Store to download and play on any PS3.

    All PS3s can play PS1 games.

    So it’s a very versatile system and has a lot of awesome games you can get.

  2. The PS3 has a unified online gaming service that is called the Playstation Network, connectivity with the PlayStation Portable, and its use of the Blue Ray Disc as its primary storage medium. You cannot use Ps2 games for the PS3 but CDs will work. It also has profiles for more than 1 person. It’s very easy to use and almost anybody can use it. It comes with more than 1 movie network and the internet is easy to get to.

  3. I have a PS3 and u can’t play PS2 games on it unless u get da 20gb PS3 dat plays PS3, PS2 , PSP, Movies & CD’s but I don’t know if it would have netflix and I got da 80gb but don’t get the slim PS3 dey break 2 fast my friend had 1 and it stopped working so now he has the big one

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