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ps3 problem? when i hook up my ps3 into a normal tv it doesnt work?


when i plug my ps3 80gb into an tube normal def after i have played it on a hdtv with an hdmi cable, it doesnt work.

it is probably set for hd but should it reset itself

can anybody help

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  1. Here’s what you do: turn on your PS3 only by using the flip switch on the back, when the light is red, hold down the “on” button on your PS3 for 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound. That resets your PS3’s resolution, leading it back to normal TV standard definition.

  2. you’ll need to change the settings on your ps3 (hook it back up the way it was before to get pic then change it)

    or call sony

  3. i think the cable stuffed , there is something worng with the console or it may be your tv because i rencently bought a nintendo wii and when i went to play it on my tv (3yrs olf) it wouldn’t work. so i put it in the brand new tv in another room it worked so there may be a problem you may have to go back to where you bought it from

  4. press the power button in ur system ( not controller ) for 15 second and it will beep the normal beep then beep an extra beep then it will work, i hope i helped u, if u got stuck contact me, have a nice day

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