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The 5 Best Things About Paladins – Should You Play? (Review)


Paladins is officially in Open Beta and out on Steam. The game is free to play, but more importantly – is it worth your time? Here are the 5 best/most unique things about the game, that set it apart from other Team Based FPS games in the market. Download Paladins for free on STEAM: http://bit.ly/2csINdM || Subscribe To My Channel Here! http://bit.ly/1RprMwZ || *Disclaimer: I now work for Hirez Studios, therefore I have kept this video more about what makes Paladins unique, rather than whether this game is a good or bad. This video is geared to enlighten those who don’t know what Paladins is, or why it is different from any other shooter.

Champions showcased in this video (in order): Evie, Fernando, Cassie, Bomb King, Evie (again) and finally, Androxus.

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Introducing the newest game from Hi-Rez Studios – Paladins: Champions of the Ream! Paladins offers deep strategy and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards, which enhance a character’s core set of abilities. The game will be free-to-play for PC and current-generation consoles. Players can Download for FREE on STEAM here: http://bit.ly/2csINdM

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The 5 Best Things About Paladins - Should You Play? (Review)


  1. Paladins isnt really to conpetetive to me cause there is no voice chat/ingame chat which is a must for conpetetive games

  2. this is just a big ass rip off of Overwatch…. (TO ME) i loved overwatch, but it got boring and stale to me, this is literally the same God damn thing but with smite components…… game is trash of you're gonna play any fps you might as well play Overwatch than this copycat

  3. iplayed both alot and i came to the conclusion that i stick to paladin for whatever reason i cant really put my finger on.

  4. This is a promotion not a review he paints it like paladins is the best games ever with no cons but that is simply not the case. Paladins is a VERY flawed game and will need a lot of fixing before it is a 9/10

  5. It would be more fun , the game to be forever free.Not that i can't buy it , but at that point its better to give money for overwatch or csgo…My opinion.

  6. Hi Ray nice video :3
    I wanna ask you something
    why in Paladins I don't see a lot of people buy "aggression" on characters like kinessa or Cassie ecc…? (I'm a newbie lul)

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