Home Xbox Forum What benefits do you get by having xbox live gold membership?

What benefits do you get by having xbox live gold membership?


What is the difference between this and the basic one that’s free. Please make me a list of ALL of them?

I was also wondering whether you got to watch films all the time with this membership?

Thankyou x

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  2. I’ve got gold, and with it you can:

    Have party’s

    Play online with friends and random people

    Send and receive messages

    Xbox marketplace, with movies, games, apps, music and much more!

    Sky movies and tv program’s.

    Xbox live gold membership is better, and should get it.better than PS!

  3. There are too many things to list so I will list the main features.


    You can download content from the marketplace

    Send and receive voice/text messages

    Voice chat with a single player


    All of the above for free

    Play online with other people

    Voice chat with up to 7 other players at once

    Have access to most of the consoles apps

    Film watching can only be done with a Gold membership but most (if not all) of the film apps require their own subscription.

  4. You get to have online party’s where you Talk to your friends through The Mic.

    You get to play online.

    You can download cool things for your game!

    Do much more things on your xbox live games

    You get to use your xbox live games features.

    More choices of games!

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