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xobx 360 help.?


here are some questions.

1)shld i get the xbox 360 elite? coz i heard it has less red ring of death cases.

2) if i have a hard disk,i do not need the memory unit anymore rite? how much hard disk is enough?

3)if i buy an 360.there is bound to be red ring of death? anyway to avoid it?

4) if i get an 360 at the end of the year.is it going to be outdated or too late? coz if i buy now.i will be addicted.and my exams will fail.

5) why are the so many versions?

pro,arcade,elite? wads the pros and cons.

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  1. nope.all new 360’s have the falcon chip which is less prone to 3rl’s and no overheating.

    yes.the 20GB hardrive is enough.and it comes with the premium and elite.

    new 360’s are safe so dont worry about it.just make sure ull but the one with the falcon chip.

    yes. right now there are less games comin for xbox 360 unlike last year.

    so people who cant afford to buy the premim will buy the arcade.and people who wants lots of drivespace will get the elite.

    arcade doesnt have a hardrive.only 256 mb memoruy card

    elite is too expensive and hardrive space wont be used.

    pro is the right choice buddy ^^

  2. 1) Yes

    2) By “hard disk” I guess you mean HDD (hardrive), you can use your own, but the Elite comes with 120 GB.

    3) Now, there is a VERY small chance you’ll get the Ring of Death if you get the Elite, and possibly the new 360’s out now.

    But if you can wait till August, for the new Jasper edition of the Xbox 360, you will NOT get the Ring of Death.

    4) It’s your choice with the exams business. But the 360’s in December will be Ring of Death free. I have my exams coming up this year,so I don’t know how I’ll keep up with my TC badge ;_;

    5) Because each one has cons. For example, new motherboard.



    * The IBM CPU consists of three 3.2GHz cores

    * A 20GB hard drive

    * A custom ATI graphics chip drives realistic HD entertainment

    * Changeable faceplates (sounds like plastic surgery hehe)


    Arcade –

    Pros –

    * You get 5 mini games with it (Pacman, Uno etc.)

    * It’s cheap

    Cons –

    * Doesn’t come with an Ethernet cable

    * Doesn’t come with a headset

    * Only comes with standard AV cable = NO HD cable.

    * 256 MB of memory


    Elite – Pros – (Controller, headset and 360 are black.)

    * 120 GB memory

    * HDMI Digital AV Cable (enables computer monitor use)

    * No Ring of Death (HOORAY ^-^)

    Hope this helps ♪♫

  3. Here are my views on some of your questions:

    1) Im unsure on wether getting the elite reduces the number of “ring of death” cases but if you have the extra money for the elite, I would definately suggest getting one.

    2) It all depends on what you’re wanting an xbox for, if you are wanting to download market place content – I would go for the extra hard drive memory.

    3) Not all cases, I have had my XBox for around a year and although my friend’s XBOX’ has had a few “ring of deaths” mine has been fine.

    4) I don’t think the 360 will be outdated, there are constantly bringing out more games for it with better graphics and gameplay strategies so, no. I would suggest buying one after your exams are complete because it is a huge distraction – I had my mum take mine away from me so I could revise :p

    Hope any of this helped?

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