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20 BIG Upcoming PS4 Games in 2017 and Beyond


In this video, we take a look at 20 BIG Upcoming PS4 Games in 2017 and Beyond. Which of these games are you most excited for? Are there any games that you think we missed? Comment your thoughts on 20 BIG Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games in 2017 and Beyond. This is 20 Upcoming PS4 Games in 2017 and On!

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Games present in this list-

Horizon Zero Dawn
Persona 5
Resident Evil 7
For Honor
Ghost Recon Wildlands
God of War
Injustice 2
Mass Effect Andromeda
Nier Automata
Agents of Mayhem
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Days Gone
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
Kingdom Hearts 3
Detroit Become Human
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Shenmue 3

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20 BIG Upcoming PS4 Games in 2017 and Beyond


  1. My god that guy asking the questions during the Agents of Mayhem clip…what a fucking jerk.also that moment,when Ghost Recon Wildlands looks absolutely NOTHING like that trailer

  2. My list from what I want the most and down. -Horizon Zero Dawn. -Days gone. -For honor. Hentai weaboo sex simulator :Rise of the tentacles.

  3. Resident evil 7, mass effect, prey, days gone, crash bandicoot and death stranding. If these don't turn out good then I believe the ps4 is a failure. So far, I have played about 25 games and only liked last of us, alien isolation and evil within.

  4. where is tekken 7 injustice 2 is there but tekken is not???? I am willing to get T7 south park God of war resident evil 7 Nier Automata days gone

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