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  1. Insect Armageddon isn't a sequel to 2017, its a standalone game.
    Pretty much a sub game. The sequel is 2025. 2017 was a timed exclusive to Xbox 360, it is on PS Vita. IA is great but its ridiculously short.

  2. gotten 2 copies of 2025 from gamefly, the second looks new. it either refuses to load or give me a storage error. got to play only once. i will go with this game instead, 2025 is crap at best, non working beta at worst. great game but it has to LOAD. I play gta5 and uncharted 3 so the cache excuse is laughable. 

  3. 5. Reviving…..ugh really?
    6. reloading minigame…….every reload…..
    7. Lets not forget the ever useful abilities like…..wait who isn't using the jetpack?
    (all the abilities scale poorly outside of jetpacks).
    8. Horrible upgrade system based upon the ingame currency
    9. Half the weapons are just the same weapon with X amount more damage. Not creative in the least.

    Last and foremost this isn't a game by the original producers, this is a DmC handoff, just another thing to put in the trash.

  4. This game was utter trash really.

    The customization was almost none, the weapons were boring to see/shoot/use. The enemies had pretty bad ai, and the gameplay…..ugh.

    1. Having to "arm" an anthill is stupid. It takes so much time away from the game and its really just fucking annoying.
    2. Half the classes are just bad.
    3. No high amount of enemies.
    4. The largest enemies are robots, which are around the same size as the normal one in EDF2017…….which were a normal enemy.(no giant bugs).

  5. Thanks for the info friend. I think i could get it for about £5.00 over on E-Bay. I saw one guy selling it for £99.00 lol. Not sure if he had typed in the wrong price but it wouldn't surprise me if he was serious.
    I can't remember Digitizer but i can remember when Teletext first came on T,V, and soon after they did have a page reviewing games way back then. I bought the game shown in this vid but i didn't like it as much as M-attack. Maybe it will grow on me. I only played it for like 2 hours.

  6. Sorry it was called "Digitiser" on Teletext its on Wiki….. That was in the Snes/Megadrive/PSX/N64 days. 🙂

  7. Global Defence Force hasn't any boarders with it being a 60Hz game but i really couldnt tell u if its any better that Monster Attack saying though GDF got a great rating off Digitizer a computer game channel on Ceefax…. I wonder who else can remember Digitizer?

  8. Thanks for telling me about the global defence game for the PS2 mate. I never knew about that one. Is it a different game from Monster Attack? I found one cheap on E,bay but wasn't to sure if it would be the same as M-attack

  9. I check it up and Monster Attack the one u have on the PS2 only came out in Europe but the one I've have on the PS2 Global Defence Force is the follow up in Europe mate. 🙂

  10. Hey bro. Found my copy, it was a U,K, version and called Monster Attack.
    Maybe called something else in the states or other countries though.

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