Home Playstation Games Classic Game Room HD – WHEELMAN for PS3 review

Classic Game Room HD – WHEELMAN for PS3 review


Classic Game Room HD - WHEELMAN for PS3 review


  1. As a fan of Vin Diesel and Third-Person Action Games with lots of driving and shooting in it, I thought Wheelman was a fun guilty pleasure.

  2. Well I don't know if this had some sort of connection but Wheelmans city name i think is Los Lantos and GTA 5's city name is Los Santos

  3. I can't believe it man,for one fucking time somebody makes a game set in Spain (Resident Evil 4 doesn't count,Spain isn't like that shit) it fucking sucks,but what can I spect,from a game published by Bugisoft.

  4. sleeping dogs stole air jacking from this game?! i had no idea thought it was original when they did it

  5. this game is the reason i almost died laughing when cars started raining me and my cousin played this just to see how bad it is

  6. If they hired Bruce Campbell to do the voice acting, there would be at least one good thing about this game, that man's voice could cure cancer. 

  7. that motorcycle explosion would have been closer to realistic if it hadn't jumped before it blew up 😛 had me rolling.  Granted vehicle explosions in games are generally not grounded in reality but this one seems to attempt to make the explosions closer to real life physics (though i guess it shouldnt explode at all) and in turn totally takes the satisfaction away from blowing stuff up at all.  Though the antigravity bike at 3:12 was admittedly amusing.

    p.s. the unicycle jacking air balloon comment at the end had me rolling too

  8. i used to think that Bully or Midnight Club was gonna be the closest thing I could ever get to a Teen rated Grand Theft Auto. but now ive found it

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