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Destiny Rise of Iron: New Game Update | Xbox One Issues


In this video we’re going over a new game update being released today to Destiny: Rise of Iron. Xbox owners are also having problems with the new Destiny Expansion.

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Destiny Rise of Iron: New Game Update | Xbox One Issues

Destiny Rise of Iron: New Game Update | Xbox One Issues


  1. rise of irons out and i redeemed a code but it says i dont have rise of iron yet and i checked to make sure it actually went in and it said this code has been redeemed. anyone with same problem?

  2. I pre ordered rise of iron and when I checked it before it launched and it just showed the price and I didnt get a refund what should I do?

  3. My day one was fucking bad and I have to wait 10 days to buy it again and it probably dose not come with the bonus I'm mad I'm done with xbox

  4. For people that are having problems
    Go to game
    Click on a mission you don't have access to.
    Click purchase
    There you go

  5. why can i only buy Destiny the collection but not the standalone DLC, i have all the DLC except rise of iron

  6. thanks, for helping me, I couldn't figure out why it was preorder but I couldn't get my sparrow or iron g-horn

  7. Ive saved motes for 2 months, im almost at that 2000 mark, bouta donate the crap out of Dead orbit!! XD What did you guys do to prepare??

  8. I had the xb1 issue. it had to do with a billing issue. waited for cancelation and reordered all fine, so far.

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