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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Review


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Review

CGRundertow DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM 3 review for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. If you see this comment, can you please vote online for Xbox to give dynasty warriors: gundam 3 backwards compatibility?

  2. I can believe that you played a dynasty warrior's gundam game without seeing any of the gundam series. If you are I recommend that you start at mobile suit gundam 08th MS team it gives a pretty good insight of what the series is as a whole the whole war between the earth federation and the principality of Zeon is a common thing through out the series with the exception of different gundam series like 00,and others of names I can't remember now and is visually impressive.

  3. i finally found a reviewer who fairly reviewed this game. i bought this game years ago and started playing it again recently. i was blown away at how easily sites like ign totally dismissed how this game achieved what it set out to do, instead choosing to have an uninformed and dismissive reviewer tell people how poor it was. zeitgeist showed that even without knowledge of the gundam universe, this game was a good game. shame on you ign.

  4. Ya forgot to talk about some of the awkward camera and some of the giant mobile armor fights…. god I hate those fights….

  5. Why does everyone hate Gundam seed so much lmao, the ZGMF-X20a Strike Freedom is probably one of the strongest Gundam ever lol

  6. I must say that DW Gundam 3 was a refreshing change to what I had been used to. I grew up with Dynasty Warriors 3 and that was the only DW title I had played until I bought Gundam 3. I liked the transition to capturing fields with the potential to rack up giant score cascades (because once you capture an enemy field, all enemies in the area will die in one hit, and most of them will be stunned for about 3 seconds after the capture – not to mention if you finish them off with a Charge Attack or an SP [Musou] Attack, they explode on death and deal a little damage, which means with the one-hit-kill field-capture ability you can rack up lots of kills very quickly). the ability to link up SP attacks with AI allies on the field, the revised Deadlock (clashing of melee weapons) system, developing mobile suits as opposed to praying that the weapon you picked up was indeed the coveted Blue Moon Dragon. Though I do think that the pilot's licenses are a bit too expensive.

  7. Ok, so I'm a new fan that's only watched 0079 (And abosultely loved it by the way, starting Zeta but this new guy( Amille's his name I think) has thrown me off). Anyway, should I watch more before getting this?

  8. It's actually possible for a review to be bad – there's an art to it. This, however, is a good review, and stillc00lerthanu's reason is probably pretty dumb.

  9. Why are people freaking out about them reviewing the game multiple times? there are multiple reviewers – they have varying opinions.

  10. All the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games are stand alone. Just skip right to this one, its the best in the series.

  11. Should I just skip the first 2? Will I miss out on anything…story, gameplay, etc.? I also don't really know that much about Gundam, Dynasty Warriors, I do, not so much Gundam. A (serious) answer from anyone will do. Thanks.

  12. I have 0 knowledge of Gundam, but find this game to be damn fun. I play as Gundam Z
    (probably fucked up on the name) anyway really cool game.

  13. Heard this game has japanese voices as an option…makes me wanna buy a ps3…they should have put that feature in more ps2-titles…but they didn't…


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