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Electronic mailing label for xbox 360 repairs?


For this method, do I wait for the box to be sent to me or do I have to use my own box and sent it to them. I appreciate the help. Post only if you can help, no spam.
do they send u a box for any of the 3 methods?
Update 2:
please make it very clear, some answers are vague and confusing. step by step instructions would be great.

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  1. when you recieve this shippin labels by Email. just print them off. and call the couriers. all you have to do is put your console in a plain box. not the original one of the Xbox. and bubble rap it.so. when you call the couriers they will come and pick it up

  2. Wait for them to send you a box. It is specially designed to securely hold your xbox. Good luck with your repair.

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