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Gamespot Video Review: Madden 08


Gamespot Video Review: Madden 08


  1. Madden 08, Madden 05, and ESPN NFL 2K5 are the three greatest football video games ever made!

  2. I play this on my gamecube more than Madden 13 on my ps3. There is just something about it that made it more fun than the modern versions.

  3. This is for madden 13. Or 12 because he said ps3 like five times, and they didn't have that in 2007

  4. Madden 06-08 were awesome, player progression was gradual, superstar mode was amazing, and franchise mode had more effort put into it. New generation of Maddens took all the good parts out

  5. @JAMESBONG100 you idiot. 2k did make another football game besides 2k5. Its called all pro footall 2k8. And while its still a good game. The gameplay is the exact same as 2k5 and everything else like the presentation and the modes are worse. 

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