Home Playstation Forum HELP! In connecting internet in ps3.?

HELP! In connecting internet in ps3.?


Is it possible to connect internet in ps3 using mobile bradbond modem?

if so plz help me.

plz give me step by step information.

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  1. Yeah it’s possibly. My roommate purchased one from some company he saw on tv. I can quite remember. He ran his Xbox and portable labtop (iDevices as well).

    I can’t really give a good answer with the information. If you are having trouble connecting in general go into the network connection in the ps3 menu. Look for auto wireless set up, it should establish a connection. Another way that is to open the browser. If you have ever used a public wifi spot like mc Donald’s or a hospital. You have to agree to the terms. Sometimes a router has to register what ever is using the Internet. If you’re trying to play games online. Use a computer and enter the IP address for the modem and change the settings allowing the ps3 to use the service like UpNp (universal plug and play) for instance. There are many variables that might contribute to your ps3 not connecting. If all else fails just call the company. Alot of Internet services get calls about gaming issues and they 8/10 times can help. Good luck!

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