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How would I fix my PS3?


Well, my PS3 is acting kinda weird, it doesn’t show any games or demos, I can’t install any add-on’s at all, and now I can’t even play this new game I got. :/

I tried cleaning the disc several times and when I start the game it either freezes or a message appears and it says “There’s a problem with the disc you’re using. It may be dirty or damaged.” and I tried to play the game on my friends PS3, and it worked perfectly fine. What should I do to try to fix my PS3?

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  1. Try using another hard drive on the PS3.

    BEWARE. If you put another hard drive in the PS3, it will format the new one when you put it in, so don’t use one that has something on you want to keep.

    If you put your old one back in though, it will still have all of your data.

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