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I keep getting signed out of Xbox Live?


I just got my Xbox and im playing Halo Reach I on the 2 day xbox live trial gonna buy a gold card tomaro. And every match it signs me out in the middle. Its annoying because now i have to wait for “quiting” to much. Anyone can help? Im kinda far from the router but its 3 bars.im using a wifi adapter to.

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  1. I am using a wifi also and dont have that problem try checking your data speed if its to low you will have to upgrade that so that it doesnt happen anymore. I had comcast like 15mps and had to upgrade because I had to same problem. Worth a try.

  2. You should probly recheck your connection with your adapter and router. Also, wifi doesn’t always work well with the xbox if your “kinda” far from it, so try buying an ethernet cord from wal-mart, thats what i use, and i rarely have problems with it.

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