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im having download issues.?


Ok so I just bought the ivory king dlc for dark souls 2 and it only took like five seconds to download.is there something wrong with my xbox or is that normal? And I dont have the bundle.

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  1. If You Downloaded DLC in 5 Seconds then it doesn’t sound like an issue to me.

    However, if you cannot play the DLC, then that is an issue.

    If the game was a Digital Download then it might be normal.

    Sometimes a Game is Digitally Downloaded with the DLC.

    It will just be Hidden and Locked until you actually BUY it.

    So now instead of waiting to download the DLC. You just download a “key” that lets your xbox now that you can access that content.

    It is similar to when you download a trial of a Game.

    Then you buy it ( because you loved it).

    The game is then added to your download list but is very quickly finished because it was already on your console. You just couldn’t access the entire game.


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