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Mondo Cool Team Reviews: Samurai Warriors 2 (Feat: Bobsamurai)


This is a review of Samurai Warriors 2 a hack n’ slash game developed by Omega Force and published by Koei.

With me is my friend bobsamurai, please check out his channel:


Mondo Cool Team Reviews: Samurai Warriors 2 (Feat: Bobsamurai)


  1. Hey! awesome review! just wondering, what's your thoughts on Samurai Warriors 2: Empires (if you've played it) or Samurai Warriors 4 II (again, if you've played that)

  2. nice review man. I'm playin this game a lot on my ps2, its awesome. The multplayer on the ps2 version is actually really nice, i used to play a lot with a friend before he started his job.

  3. My first red ring was on Xbox360 was while i was playing Samurai Warriors 2 but i still love the game. Played it so long that it destroyed my xbox Q_Q

  4. only problem with this game, is how many fucking glitches it has. I could not beat the story for sheer amount of bugs.
    In one mission, I was locked in a courtyard, and could not escape.
    The doors would not open, and the officer I was supposed to defeat would not appear.

  5. I really hated all of the other Samurai Warriors games because they all had music like a meth head made it, terrible gameplay, hippy or gay sounding character, terrible story lines (SW3 with the whole "I love Yukimura") and shit makers so that means Samurai Warriors 2 has best actors, gameplay, music and the best makers!

  6. Is Samurai Warriors 2: Empires just the game with added features? What is the difference between extreme legends and empires and just the regular game? 

  7. I enjoy your reviews very much, and I'm rather happy you're reviewing older games since I really like your well structured opinion 🙂 I've always been a fan of the Samurai Warriors series but I never had the pleasure of playing the second one. Looks good, though.

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