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Problem with my PS3 Controller?


OK, So I got a PS3 controller for christmas, the REAL wireless ones. Today, even though i’m not using the analogue stick, it’s moving on its own? What’s wrong with it? I mean, it’s brand new, and it seems broke. I haven’t dropped it or done any dodgy moves with it, what could be wrong?

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  1. This happened to me too. On my old one, I opened it up and the circuits for the analogue stick was completely burned out and covered in dust. But this happened to me after a year or longer. I think you got a defective or a return that was placed back in packaging. I suggest go trade it in for a new one if you have the receipt, if not, try to open it up and clean it out if it’s dusty, which I doubt. Hope it works out!


  2. ‘Your controller may be jammed so it is automatically going to the left or moving the camera, etc. You could try moving the analog stick in different directions to try to get it “unjammed” but if that does not work, you will need to purchase a new controller.’said by: – redhotpepper

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