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reccomended xbox 360 games?


just bought an xbox 360, bought fifa 12 with it, what other games are good on the 360, i love all genres so tell me your favorites from a variety of genres 🙂 thanks

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  1. Hahaha. Well ill give you a handfull. Get first person shooters. I would say get battlefield 3 or MW3. If you are 18 try GTA. Also try any assassins creed game! I LOVE THEM! Castle crashers is an old game but fun. You HAVE TO GET MINECRAFT! I dont know if you are into tennis but get topspin 4 its a pretty nice game. Mortal Kombat is also good. Also try sleeping dogs. Try ghost recon future soldier and deadspace. And if you like Fifa 12 try Fifa 13. I hope this helps!!

  2. Try going to Metacritic and looking through the best rated games,that way you can see what you like the look of.

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