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Review: Phantom Breaker – Battle Grounds Overdrive (PlayStation 4)


Review: Phantom Breaker - Battle Grounds Overdrive (PlayStation 4)


  1. Watches footage

    Well, whoever played this game clearly played Panzer Bandit. That lightning sphere thing looks way too familiar.

  2. Great review! It was a bit difficult hearing you butcher the Japanese terms, but the gameplay review was solid. do you believe the gameplay roots back to Guardian Heroes?

  3. I was really disappointed.
    Unlike SoR it's battle system is NOT deep and comes down to smashing ONE SINGLE BUTTON.
    You can finish the game without learning the combat system and, unlike Double Dragon Neon, the game doesn't punish you for doing so.
    What a shame…

  4. Phantom Breaker is a fantastic PS4 brawler, but I somehow still prefer the Vita version. Plus, love them pixels!

    [NOTE]: Yet another fantastic Defunct Games vid. Thanks!

  5. I will seriously never get bored of pixel art.. Never ever. It's all preference man. 

    One thing I wished you of touched on was the differences in Overdrive. I already have this on PC was considering getting it again on console if the added content (Im assuming they added something) in the overdrive edition. Aside from that nice review.

  6. Pixel are worn out? Nonsense. Sure it's used a lot, but it hasn't overstayed it's welcome. This game looks more appealing visually than 99% of the bland brown and green "realistic" games out there.

  7. So more pixelated character designs. I'm quite sick of this style. This art was clearly drawn than pixelated

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