Home Videos Top Xbox One RPG So Far | Best XB1 roleplaying games

Top Xbox One RPG So Far | Best XB1 roleplaying games


Top Xbox One RPG So Far | Best XB1 roleplaying games


  1. I can't decide whether to buy dark souls 3, the witcher 3, or skyrim remastered. I have never played any of them

  2. Sorry saying Xbox RPGs and putting in ps gameplay it still might be on the Xbox but that is false advertisement like come on clean up ur act jeez

  3. Holy shit, most of these aren't even RPGs. I don't care what the companies marketing team labels it to target a demographic, these are largely just a mix of various different genres which incorporate some RPG elements. It's like claiming Dragon Quest Heroes is an RPG because it has leveling and incremental equipment and is a side-game to a long-running RPG series. But it's not. It's a Musou. Just like Fallout 4 is not an RPG, it's an open-world shooter – and probably the least RPG-like game on the list since there is no choice involved, you are given a pre-made character, and you have no need/use for specialization to create various builds.. nor would the game's design support those builds. Might as well call the campaign modes of CoD an RPG.

    And not a single Japanese RPG on that list either, which speaks a lot to the lack of diversity of games on the Xbox. I would think some at least would have found potential value in porting over I am Setsuna or Valkyria Chronicles Remastered – especially since both are on the PC.

  4. As of now I'd go with
    1. The Witcher 3
    2. Dragon Age Inquisition
    3. Dark Souls 3
    4. Skyrim Remastered
    The stories all got to me, but the Witcher 3 man. Every single aspect of the game revolves on your actions. Plus with graphics, and the more "you're part of the game feeling" I feel it was definitely number 1 worthy of the video.

  5. wtf dude, rly?
    u know what a rpg is?
    im fucking serious this makes me sad
    fucking fallout 4 dude…
    played fallout 1 & 2?
    i dont think so, that is a real rpg bro, its not based just on my opinion, its a fact
    pls stop playing "rpgs"

  6. I would place witcher and dragon age in first and second. Btw it's funny how you place Ciri picture on your video cover and place witcher 3 on second place.

  7. No Borderlands 2 & pre-sequel that was remastered for XB1? Pity. Great game and it comes with all expansions and addons.

  8. Although I greatly respect the Fallout franchise, I'm quite surprised The Witcher 3 got "worse" reviews.

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