Home Playstation Forum When is there gunna be more MGS4 PS3 BUNDLES?

When is there gunna be more MGS4 PS3 BUNDLES?


i need a bundle i checked many stores and there all sold out. when is there gunna be more shipments to the usa or is there going to be anymore bundles? how long should it be before stores get more of them?

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  1. Sony sold out all 70,000 units, and Sony has not announced weather more units will go into


    YET. But due to it’s very successful launch and quick sellout Sony would be stupid to not produce more.I think if Sony produced double the MGS4 bundles available they would still be sold out.

    Just be on the lookout.

  2. id say about 2-3 months that what best but,game stop,wal mart, circut scit said when i called them good luck trying to find one i know where you can get one in california hit me up if you want the info

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