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Why is console gaming so popular when pc is obviously far superior?


i built myself a budget pc with amd phenom II x2 550 and radeon hd 4870, and it was under $600. With overclocking and unlocking the 2 extra cores on the phenom this thing will play all modern games very, very well. Much better, than say, a ps3?

What does it take to convince you guys that you don’t need to spend 2000 dollars to build a pc that has the power of the pathetic consoles?

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  1. Its very simple. A properly configured gaming PC is not cheap. A gaming console is cheap. Its cheaper and easier for the consumer to get a console built specifically for gaming and is ready for gaming out of the box, instead of taking the extra time and money by getting or building together a gaming PC that could potentially do a better job. Since the consumer prefers the more cost effective gaming console, game developers focus their game production on the console, since that’s where all the money and profits are.

    EDIT: Although later answers kinda covered it already, people don’t want to take the time to build a gaming PC. Cost isn’t even that huge of a factor. They’re lazy. The game console caters to this need. Its far more simple to setup and, as mentioned, no need to worry about upgrades. The graphic quality may not beat a PC, but its good enough for the people who buy them.

  2. For the 3rd poster, I purchase my consoles with my own money FYI. And if I had an extra $3,000 to spend just to play games with, i would. But like most of America times are tough, so $300 sounds a lot better. Besides in my honest opinion, i haven’t see graphics on a PC look so much better than my ps3 so why would i waste $2,700 extra bucks?

  3. honestly i believe it is the matter of downloading onto your hard drive that gets people. Human beings are lazy (:P) and actually don’t really want to take that time while with a console you just plug it up and push it in. I actually agree with you one hundred percent though i love my computer and sometimes the console’s just agitate me.seriously childish games and such. uhh just another flaw in our huge gigantic world. the sad part is that a laptop has some seriously better graphics than most gaming console’s.disapounting i know lqtms

  4. Hey, people have their own opinions and outlooks on things such as PC gaming and video game consoles. Deal with it.

  5. You are right, for all the people who say you arent are noobs. This is why: people are very impatient and would rather pay more money for a disc and pop it in, then ake time to install a yame and possibly fight through a tew minor compatability issues, on top of that there is a snowball efgect of kids wantng what their friends have, thus buying a console, i have both a pc and ps3, i play a lot of pc and console, console with friends pc(aka team fortress 2) while alone. Hope i helped. If u have a steam account, your awesome

  6. I personally think it’s just because it’s far more simpler than PC gaming. In other words you don’t have to worry about spending twice the amount of money you spent for the game on a better graphics card, sound card, processor, etc.

  7. It’s just a matter a taste and what you’ve gotten used to. The sort of games I like to play, are better on a console, where I can sit with or without some friends and play it on a lovely big HD TV, and where I don’t have to faff around trying to remember which keys to use for what on my keyboard, huddled at my desk over a PC which I associate with work. And I hate RPG’s, lol.

    Building your PC is fun though, and if you’re careful about what you’re doing, it’s certainly true that you can end up with a much higher spec PC for your money, than you ever would have got just buying one off the shelf, I built mine a couple of years ago, I wasn’t trying to make it a gaming PC, so it won’t be as good as yours, but if I had bought it off the shelf with the same specs, it would have cost 100’s more than it did, but it’s not really about price, but personal preference, and I wouldn’t want to have to be upgrading my PC every five mins, my PS3 plays all the games I want, I don’t have to do anything to it, if it needs an update, it just updates it’s self:)

  8. you can’t buy a high end gaming pc for $300. you can buy a ps3 which can do more graphically than the best gaming pc for that price. 30 million ps3 users means developers can sell more copies of a game and since most users grew up on console gaming they’re comfortable with it , with the controllers and basically the ease of use both in hooking up to a tv to plug and play with all games being able to access dedicated servers without any more effort then inserting a disc and selecting multiplayer.

    I don’t think you could get a pc to match the ps3 for processing power and graphics capabilities for under $2500 , so that’s pretty much the best reason to have a ps3 instead , you have 2 choices 1. continue to play pc based shooters with as you say half assed ports on poor servers 2. get a console and join the dark side

  9. Because no one wants to pay thousands of dollars to play games. Hell no one wanted to pay 600 for a console either. And with a PC the components always have to be changed. There is always a new graphics card, processor, cooling unit, or whatever else, that you have to keep buying in order to keep your PC up to date and able to play the latest games. Computers are obsolete by the time you take them out of the box anyway. With a PS3 I’m not shelling out more money for an additional Cell processor in order to play Uncharted 2, or adding more GPU’s because God of War III is coming out and I need to upgrade to be able to play it. All I need to enjoy the latest is the 60 bucks to buy the game.

    You said it yourself, its “one of the greatest experiences you can have when done right”. Well its very very expensive to do it “right”. Most people have never seen high end gaming machine graphics (I know I havent!). But I’ve seen the PS3’s graphics, and those look DAMN GOOD TO ME!! And it looks damn good to my wallet.

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