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Xbox 360 customer support?


I have the 3 red rings of doom on my Xbox 360, and i called up xbox customer support and started a new repair order or whatever. And i was not sure if i should cancel it or not because i did open the casing of the xbox 360 not the metal to dust it off and i heard that you cannot open the xbox and i was not sure if they ment the metal casing or the white plastic casing. Thanks

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  1. i like eggs =p

    ok, seriously

    u know the faceplate? yeah the side where it has the disc tray and power button

    at the bottom, there r 2 usb slots, if u put ur fingers there, u can lift off the faceplate

    if all u did was that and u didn’t remove the silver sticker, then ur safe

    if u didn’t touch the silver sticker, u’ll be fine and they will send u a fixed one back

  2. If you take off any part of the console (except for the hard drive) it voids your warranty. The white case has a silver seal on it so they can tell when it’s been opened.

  3. You’re screwed because you tampered with it. Too bad, the 3/4 RROD extends your warranty and gets you a free repair/replacement.

  4. If you broke the sticker on the outside of the console, it voids the warranty, aka they will not take it. If you didn’t break the sticker, you’re fine.

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