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Xbox 360 FIFA 11 Transfers (HELP!)?


Hiii I really Badly Need Help here. so I got the New Xbox 360 and I’d like to Update my Transfers!! and I really don’t know how I looked it up on google no luck.more like a lot of things that really dont work. anyways. I’d like to ask here I want my Players moved! Like Englands Team Updated Man.Und Updated every team on the Game Updated pls help I’m Fed Up of Putting them in it takes tooo long! I got FIFA 11 right away when it came out so I use to Keep up whats going on but now it would just take too long!! 🙁

Pls Help!!

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  1. even though u got fifa 11 brand new, u can’t get the latest updates, EA has moved on from that game, fifa 12 is the main focus so you’ll have to manually do your transfers, same for internationals too

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