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xbox 360 friend request help?


I met someone in person and the only contact info we exchanged was me giving him my gamertag. He requested me, but my brother was online and deleted it because he didnt know who it was. I really need it back, is there any way to see denied requests or restore it in a way i can see old requests. its really important 🙁

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  1. I doubt Support will have such info, you can try.

    Im sure you already tried to remember, but keep trying ask your bro and try and remember the simplest word to make up the gt. Check your messages, maybe he will resend it, who knows.

    You can always go back where you met the guy , who knows what the chance is, but hope luck is in your side my friend.

    Edit: Mr.Man you are very smart haha

  2. Afraid not; unless your brother can vaguely remember the gamertag or he may add you again

    Edit: I doubt it; but you could always try – once the guy sees the friend request wasn’t accepted he’ll probably send it again

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