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Xbox 360 warranty at best buy?


my xbox 360 has just recently groke from overheating problems, and i was about to pay 100$to get it fixed from microsoft and they said with the repair it comes with another 1 year warranty. But i heard if you buy an xbox 360 from best buy its like a 3 year warranty and you can take it back to them if it braks and they will give you a new one. is this true? does BestBuy have better warranties on Xbox 360s?

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  1. Most likely since you didn’t purchase the extended warranty at the time of buying your 360 at Best Buy, you don’t have the extended warranty.

    Your best route would be going through MS and paying the $100 for it to be fixed properly along with another year warranty.

  2. Get it fixed correctly though MS. Here are the instructions form the MS Site:

    To receive instructions for obtaining repair or replacement warranty services you must call: Within the U.S., U.S. Territories and Canada: 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269); TTY users: 1-866-740-XBOX (1-866-740-9269).

    Link here: [url is not allowed]

  3. Best Buy has an extended warranty program, but you had to purchases it at the time of the Xbox.

    Microsoft extended their warranty to 3 years though, so I don’t know why they are saying it’d cost you $100. It should cost you shipping charges and that’s it.

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