Home Videos Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console)

Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console)


Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console) . Trailer for Project Scorpio the New Xbox Console Releasing in 2017

E3 2016 Trailers Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYD0s9u6Ol26pFNADXKkwNbhgvt5AYj84

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Xbox Project Scorpio 2017 Trailer E3 2016 (New Xbox Console)

Xbox Scorpio Is Microsoft's LAST Console Generation! - The Know Game News

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  1. Boy you can have any resolution you want you're still dying the same way. By me. In a trench. On bf1

  2. Microsoft and Sony should come together and create the X-Station Console range…Best of both world's!

  3. So let me get this straight. They have made a mini PC, called it an Xbox, and is probably going to be like £500-£600 pounds. I'd rather buy a fucking low end pc that has better everything than the Xbox

  4. Microsoft has finally announced that they know that they've failed against Sony this generation so they'll bail on the market altogether

  5. Here's one thing to keep in mind they already said that they would stop doing generational system back in 2013 when the Xbox one was announced.

  6. At first, this was called the Xbox ONE Scorpio and I thought that the s in Xbox one s stood for Scorpio.

  7. It kinda makes sense if you can replace parts in the Scorpio. If you can replace graphics cards ect then you might as well keep the same case.

  8. I am so glad I switched to Playstation, will trade in my xbone1 when switch comes out and I'm done with Microsoft for good after that, I will fondly remember the 4 360's I owned but now that I'm rocking the ps4 see why everbody was saying its the way to go, it's a frigin great console

  9. I really like the idea of upgradable consoles, and the scorpio being "the last one" … = )

    Also, the bloopers were funny =p

  10. I'm OK with Scorpio being Microsoft's last generational console. As long as the games continue is all that matters to me.

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