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Bioshock Infinite Gameplay (XBOX 360 HD)


Bioshock Infinite Gameplay (XBOX 360 HD)


  1. With these graphics on the current gen consoles i cannot wait to see what the ps4 an xbox 1 can do

  2. It's running on Medium setting, stated by Ken Levine himself. I own both the PC and the Xbox version, and aside from the resolution (which can be fixed to some degree with hdmi), I had hard time seeing any difference in actual graphics. The game looks pretty sharp if you are playing on a 22 inch tube TV. Console games look shat on flat screen TVs.

  3. Im not going to hate for the consoles to push the limits of its life span bioshock infinite looks good but i do agree PC version looks alot better. Im really excitied a bit to see what developers can work with on the xbox 720/ps4 hardware i think were going to be in for a treat!!!

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