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Can you change your user name on PSN?


I don’t like the one I’ve got and am wondering if it’s possible to change.
Thanks for all the answers. Here’s a follow up?: Can you transfer your online play stats to the new account or do you have to start all over?

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  1. You can’t change the name of the account you have, but you can make a new account and a new PSN ID since its free.

    Just make a new account (all the way on the left of the XMB), then sign up for the Playstation network again. You need a different email, so just sign up for another gmail, or yahoo mail account. If you don’t want the old name just delete the other account after transfering your save data (I don’t think you can clear the old PSN ID though).

    You can also get access to the UK and Japanese PSN by signing up for more PSN IDs in those areas (you can find directions on google, its pretty easy to do).

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