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Do you like the PS3? Why or why not? Which is better 360 or PS3?


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  1. well I like PS3 way better because SONY are not cash cows like micro$oft which they charge you for almost anything like Wifi adapters and online play which is free on the PS3 I have tried 360 before and did not like it

    oh and online is the same for both systems so if you pay for online play you are wasting your money like all the 360 owners

  2. ~Yes

    ~I like the fact that i don’t have to pay for online, the games it comes with, the fact that it’s a blu-ray player and more.

    ~That question can not be logically answered, you can only get people’s opinions, so try them both and add your opinion to the mix

  3. Greatest system of this generation. Blu-ray player. Wi-Fi out of the box. DVD upconverter. Helps find a cure for diseases. HOME.

    And then there’s the games:

    God of War 3

    Heavy Rain

    Ratchet & Clank Future

    Sly Cooper



    Killzone 2

    FF vs. XIII


  4. If you are just getting a gaming system for online play, you should get the 360 because lets face it, the online is amazing.

    if you are looking for someting that has a bunch of really good little features, but not as strong online fanbase. then get the ps3.

    they are both amazing at playing games.

    i personally prefer the ps3 only because online isnt that important to me, i would rather have a bunch of cool features.

    hope i helped!
    – wow, thumbs down. i didnt do anything to deserve a thumbs down. fanboys are mad. i supported BOTH systems!

  5. Technically the PS3 is better, but it really comes down to the choice of games.

    Sony’s exclusive line up is better than Microsoft’s. The multi-platform games will be pretty much identical on both.

    I have both, but the 360 is relegated to playing exclusives, as I prefer the PS3 controller so I get multi’s on the PS3.

    Claims of ‘live’ being better don’t really matter much, even if it does have an easier to use interface making playing with friends easier, so what? Once you are playing the game, its the same. And you can’t play MGS, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 etc on Live.

  6. ps3 all the way better games and online play i have a xbox and im trying to get rid of it so i can get a psp go xbox suck completly

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