Home Xbox Forum Does the xbox 360 still get the red ring of death?

Does the xbox 360 still get the red ring of death?


I am getting an xbox 360 the saturday or sunday before may 2nd and its new I heard they fixed the rrod on the new ones so did they?

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  1. Yes you can still get it. even if u get a xbox now you can fix the red ring buy removing the heat sink and lifting it with some washers. there are heaps of tutorials on how to fix it even an official product DVD. you should wait until the slim is released because they are redesigning the heat sink and insulation inside so they shouldn’t get any red rings. if you get a slim you should make a xbox360 laptop ;D it would be hard to do but awesome if you finish it correctly.

  2. All 360s get the RRoD.

    360s manufactured after 2008 have the Jasper chipset, which is the best prevention of the RRoD, but it’s not perfect. Your 360 will still eventually get the RRoD.

  3. you should totally wait because a new slim and redesign xbox is right around the corner. But to answer your question yes all the new xbox should come with the falcon chips and they need less power and create less heat so you SHOULD not get the rrod according to microsoft at least.

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