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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Gameplay


Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Gameplay


  1. пазор у меня такаяже игра , я один её убил за 5 сек и с первого раза!

  2. @Wijrobloxian Hey son you shut the fuck up dickhead, it's the guys son he can talk as much as he wants you fucking dipshit. Just cus your dad beat the shit outta you doesn't mean all dads are like that.

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  5. Lmao cute kid. The cameraman sounds like one of those laid-back anime voice actors, with some practice of course. Nice vid =)

  6. @crazy6omen it's not power rangers asswipe it's gundam. Get it straight. And for everyone else it's a kid calm down. I know that everyone here was just as annoying or even more annoying when you were his age

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