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Ether One review


Ether One review


  1. Well, you convinced me to download it on my PS4, it sounds really interesting. Also the ending was the least of BioShock Infinites problems imo

  2. I like how you do reviews, enjoyable to watch and listen to, unlike many other people people trying to do it.

  3. This game isn't stimulating enough for me. It is challenging with the puzzles and all, but I get way too sleepy and bored. Can't play it anymore.

  4. what did you just watch fight club trying to splice in 1 second pictures of the wii U and dark w/e TF that was…..clown.

  5. My biggest tip to everybody is to get a pen and notepad and write things down as you go along. Keep a log of things you hear, see and numbers as such as it will help you. If you do that, the game flows much more fluently as you have all the according information as required.

  6. Lol its free right now on psn, but i dont think ill be getting it since I'm not pretentious enough to like this

  7. I was really looking forward to trying this game out. Then I saw that there's no option to adjust ANY of the controls. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that a first-person game was released in 2014 with no option to invert the Y-axis, which makes it unplayable to me.

  8. I have no idea why it's basically running under 30 FPS on the PS4, it's turning me off terribly.

  9. The game is good and I love it but…

    It has a lot of glitches and the game crashes sometimes! I hope I get fixed cuz I feel it's unfair for a good game to have problems that makes playing it not as good

  10. You should play Zero Escape series (999 for DS and Virtue's Last Reward for Vita/3DS)
    They are masterpieces. Puzzle/mystery visual novels.

  11. I downloaded this for free last night, and it's very decent, but buggy as hell right now. The sound will suddenly stop, and the first object you react to (a bell on a desk, it says to press the square button) and nothing happened! I was mashing the button, thinking my controller was dead, or the game was messin' with me. I quit, & had to reload the game to get it to work. This game needs a patch, badly. I'd love to play it after. Also, personally, I hate the Unreal engine. Ugh. Textures keep flashing and pixelating as the camera moves on certain objects. Why must game developers use the outdated, piece of crap Unreal Engine? It's what, like 17 years old now? It's cheap to use I guess, but the game suffers because of it. I get so excited to play a beautiful, independent art game…but then I see that dreaded logo. >_<

  12. Yea I was disappointed with Never Alone last month and had low expectations for this just because of that game. Omg this game is the best puzzle/mystery game I've played in a VERY VERY long time from what I've played. And I'm just starting it! Super excited for more

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