HDTV Cable for PS3 question?

HDTV Cable for PS3 question?


Last question, if you have an HDTV doesn’t it not matter unless you use that HDTV Cable that I am hearing about? (I think it’s called like an HDMI Cable) So does that mean if you aren’t using that cable then your game on HDTV looks just the same as it would if you were using an old tv that isn’t HDTV?

Sorry, this is the last one. I promise.

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  1. You don’t actually have to have a HDMI cable to have HiDef gaming, but you will oviously need a hdtv. Look at the back panel of your hdtv and see if it supports HDMI. If it does than you can have a HDMI or 720pComponent cables. If your tv just supports component cables you’ll have to settle for the 720pComponents.

    Yes, the image on a HDtv would look the same as on a old, none HDtv without a HDMI or Component cables. Matter of fact, the image would look a little worse than it would on a regular none HDtv.

    Be aware though that HDMI can go all the way up to 1080p, but Component can only go up to 720(1080i)p.

  2. If a Tv is HD ready or can output hd, then for hd output from your ps3 you need a HDMI cable. You can get them for like £5 – £10 on Amazon or other sites. Or in store. Once you have inserted the cables into the slots, turn on your ps3, and keep your finger half down on the ON button. Wait for it to bleep the second time and your display will appear. Follow the instructions displayed so that you can begin play in HD!

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