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I had a power cut this morning and now my PS3 doesn’t work! What do I do?


When I turn the power button on it lets out three little beeps and the red light flashes and nothing happens. It just does not work! I see all this trouble shooting help over the internet in which you hold your finger on the on/off button and the trouble shooting settings come up on the screen but mine just doesn’t DO anything. Normally I wouldn’t be so bothered but I have a game inside of it which needs returning to Blockbusters by Thursday. Any help out there will be appreciated. Thank you

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  1. take the ps3 to blockbusters and say the disc is inside and the console dont work 😛 im sure you could claim insurance to get a new ps3? as it wasnt your fault it broke 😛

  2. you know when the three red lights flashes quickly hold the switch on but for 10 seconds that resets it and if that don’t work take it back to the retailers if your warrant aint runned out.

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