Home Xbox Forum I’m trying to buy a 1 month xbox Live subcription “BUT”?

I’m trying to buy a 1 month xbox Live subcription “BUT”?


I’m trying to buy a 1 month xbox Live subcription “BUT”

due to a restriction being put on my account to stop charging on my credit card because they would charge me $7.99 plus additional charges EVERY MONTH,I can’t buy it on the xbox Live Marketplace.The small print said absolutely nothing about me being charged MONTHLY.I don’t want to buy it off the actual Xbox Live Marketplace.So,my question is-is there a legit site where I can buy a 1 month subscription and retrieve my code on that site after I purchase it? I don’t want it to be delievered either I want the code the exact minute I purchase it online.Any help?

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  1. Not online, there are far too many security risks.

    U can go into a gamestore and buy a prepaid card, which gives u a code to put in, if u didnt already kno about this.

    Yea, there is no way to stop them charging, short of getting them to drop u back to silver thru customer services, I wouldnt recommend the credit card method.

    But to answer ur question, no, ull have to either go to a store, or use a credit card.

  2. Many ebay traders will offer it to you instantly and often alot cheaper. Another website that I have found brilliant is gamesbite.com – They gave me my 12 month (plus one month free!) code almost instantly through an online live chat on there website. The only thing is this company is UK based. A quick Google search and im sure you can find a site that offers the same service in the US. If they accept paypal, you have a great advantage if anything does unfortunately go wrong.

    Good luck!

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