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Install fable I to xbox 360 HDD?



I really want to play the original fable again, not having time to complete it before selling my original xbox. It would be much cheaper to buy the disk from ebay etc, however I am sure I tried to show my brother how to install games to his HDD on his 360 and original xbox games would not install like 360 games? Is this correct? I cannot play from disk as the noise is too loud downstairs (my room is above a lounge) and installed games are much softer.

I know I could download it, but the disk is much, much cheaper. Seems a waste of money if I can install it.

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  1. i have played some xbox originals and the discs hardly spin during play and are just as quiet as 360 games saved to the hardrive.

  2. I agree with the guy below only 360 games can burn to your hard drive but you still need the disc. Fable is a Game download its 1200 MSP if you like Fable II it is also on games on demand on the dashboard.

  3. Above answer is correct with the exception that installing games onto your hard drive other than games on demand, does absolutely nothing related to not using a disk. when you install a game onto your hard drive all you are doing is helping the load times. You are still required to use the disk to play the game.

  4. first of all you cannot install original xbox games on your xbox 360, you’ll either have to buy it on games on demand or just use the CD that is the only two options

    sometimes i wish i could but you just cant sorry

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