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Is the Gamecube better or is the Playstation 2 better?


Yah there both last gen consoles, but I have my reasons for asking this and its a long story as to why I am asking this question. I know pretty much everything about these two consoles because I own both of them and have had them for a long time, but which one as an overall console do you believe is the best? Please give your honest opinion and feel free to use any facts to back up your claim. I personally believe that I might have been focusing on the wrong console last gen and should have paid more attention to my gamecube instead. I have tons of playstation 2 games and accessories, but I only have a few gamecube games, so I was thinking of selling my playstation 2 and all of my playstation games and accessories, and then buy all the games and accessories I should have bought for my gamecube and its cheap to get stuff for it now (pretty much making me pro Nintendo since I will only have my N64, Gamecube, and Wii left). So what do you think I should do? Gamecube has way superior hardware and has lots of first party exclusives and a good number of third party exclusives. The Playstation has inferior hardware, but has way more first party and third party titles. Please be honest with me and don’t be biased in your answer. Thanks! =)

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  1. Back when I had a PS2, I did have a Gamecube for a while. But, it seemed to have so few games that I liked, and even those were pretty much kiddy games. I thought it was a good console, and worth having as a second console for the few good games it had, but in the end, it just sat there gathering dust. For variety and quality of games it doesn’t even begin to compete with the PS2:)

  2. A PS2

    It has great franchised games like ratchet and clank

    It has more functions then a Gamecube and I think Sony is better then nintendo

  3. playstation 2 because its more real-like games. the gamecube has, no really good games. there all kiddy

  4. I think i prefer playstation 2 because its had more legendary games, i never really had a gamecube so i wouldn’t know what to say about it but ive always loved playstation 🙂

  5. Other people say PS2 is better because of the DVD and music CD thing which a Gamecube can’t do But Gamecube is from Nintendo and Nintendo games are the most fun and exiting. You could play on it all your life and never get bored.

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