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Kingdom Hearts III – E3 2015 Trailer | PS4


Kingdom Hearts III - E3 2015 Trailer | PS4


  1. Now this makes total sense after 0.2 bbs cutscene. Its freaking Olympus Coliseum. I didnt realized what world it was. Shame on me. I just freaked out over a 2015 trailer 😮

  2. Having played 0.2. I can happily say this combat system will be amazing! Certainly on par with KH2 of not better

  3. Something has been bothering me about the appearance of Young Xehanort here. Why does he seem much younger and sound younger here in comparison to his appearance in the beginning of BBS and during DDD? If anything, he should be OLDER considering he probably wasn't an apprentice of a Keyblade Master or friend to Eraqus until after he left the islands.

    BUT, I do have a theory. Young Xehanort said that the events of DDD would cause him to "seek the outside world" after he returned to his original time. That's it. There's nothing that says that he wasn't already an apprentice under the same Keyblade Master as Eraqus. So what if that one scene with the two of them is actually taking place somewhere on Destiny Islands? Xehanort then leaves and renounces his claim as Keyblade Master (after having become a master) to instead seek out knowledge about the Keyblade War and such, which is established in BBS. Eraqus then later finds the Land of Departure and sees it as a fitting place to train to his students after having moved away from Destiny Islands, due to its status as a world between the realms of light and dark. It makes sense in the way Kingdom Hearts makes things make sense, considering that both Eraqus ad Xehanort's home would be DESTINY Islands. To add to this theory, maybe Xehanort and Eraqus' training prevented from leaving until they were ready, hence why the seemingly older Young Xehanort during that scene on the beach says "This would is just too small". It also makes sense because later on Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, mocks Riku in the end of the original Kingdom Hearts game for wanting to leave. "To the heart seeking freedom, this island is a prison surrounded by water. And so this boy sought to escape from his prison and gave his heart to darkness". He understands Riku, and that may be why he was able to manipulate him so well.

    Either that or the new engine just makes Young Xehanort look way younger than he's supposed to be in that point in time. Lmao

  4. the 7 guardians of light are confirmed. they are Sora, Riku, King Mickey, Lea, Kairi, Aqua, and Ventus.

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