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Mass Effect: Andromeda | Preorder Trailer | PS4


Mass Effect: Andromeda | Preorder Trailer | PS4


  1. Does the Deep Space Explorer armor function differently to the other armor in Mass Effect Andromeda?

  2. I love Mass Effect, and i already see myself loving this game, BUT HELL NO SON. I AIN'T PRE-ODERING S**T

  3. if you are going to pre order get the deluxe edition, it's £10 extra but comes with 7 extra items including armor, weapons and a pet pyjack. But remember it's your money choose what you want to do it.

  4. Pre-order…Don't pre-order…I say, do whatever you want to do with your money. The game looks good, by the way. I hope it'll catch my interests after the release. I'd really like a good sci-fi game that has an engaging plot.

  5. KROGAN SMASH! Also, can we at least change the color of the pre order armor? I'd prefer red or black, personally.

  6. i'm almost thankful the pre-order bonuses are pretty minimal and lame, maybe fewer people will pre-order it


    HELL YEA IM PRE ORDERING THIS! I only pre order bioware games exclusive to ME and DA.

    Reassurance that i need is found in their past games.

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