Home Xbox Forum my Xbox is scratching my diskes?

my Xbox is scratching my diskes?


i think my xbox 306 scratched my game disk. i have it sitting flat (not upright) and on a hard surface an all and my games are getting the lines that run circular with the disk. they are perfect circles with no ends, like it was spinning and something touched it. Is there a chance the laser contacted the disk, how can i fix this? and no answers saying i need to buy a ps3 or wii.

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  1. this happened to my xbox 2 times. i figured out when you put it standing up and not on its side it does not scratch discs.

  2. In response to what Kenney said why would he want to buy a console with a network that just got hacked and caused it to get shutdown due to the risk of people geting there credit card numbes stolen. So yea PS3 Is messed up and Xbox RULES!.

  3. You need to buy a ps3 or a wii. Haha just kidding! It couldbe several things, the lens could have come loose and it moved, or your dvd drive could be going out. Your best bet check out youtube and you can learn how to fix most issues with your 360. By the way I own a 360 and don’t diss on any system, they all have their ups and downs.

  4. Get a PS3, they don’t scratch disks or get RRoD plus a broken PS3 is still better than an Xbox! TROLOLOLO

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